Dethtrap Motors can personalize your favorite Hot Wheel!

You can have a one-of-a-kind Hot Wheel car with pretty much any artwork you want on it, applied as decals, and sealed with a clear coat. You can put your company logo, family photos, pet photos, or graphics depicting your favorite hobbies or interests. The sky is the limit. You can supply the artwork or have Dethtrap Motors create or acquire it for you. You can pick from a number of finishes. Solid, metallic, Spectraflame paint, or metal leaf are all included.

Here is what you get:

(1) Late model Hot Wheel car or you can provide your own.

(1) Custom paint Job.

(1) Set of custom decals.

(1) Display case.

Free priority mail shipping ($4.95 value) Just $20 for a single extremely unique car. Discounts are available for multiple cars.

Here is how it works:

The Car

You tell me what kind of car you want or specify the year and model Hot Wheel. If you have the car, you can ship it to me. Otherwise, Dethtrap Motors will try to find the car and purchase it. The most Dethtrap motors will pay for the car w/shipping is $5.00. If the Hot Wheel is unavailable you can specify a second choice, try to find the car yourself and ship it to me, or get a refund. If Dethtrap Motors finds the car but it is more than $5.00 w/shipping we will forward the information to you so you can purchase it yourself if you wish. If you purchase the car online you may have it shipped directly to: 

Dethtrap Motors 

14220 N Bayshore Dr. Unit 1

Madeira Beach FL 33708. 

It will be shipped to you upon completion as long as there is a paid order for that car. Otherwise it will become the property of Dethtrap Motors.

The artwork and/or photos

Photos can be mailed to us and will be returned along with the car, but it is not recommended because Dethtrap Motors cannot be held responsible for lost photos or graphics. It is preferable to send electronic copies of photos and graphics as email attachments. We can use all popular formats including PDF and Photoshop files. Artwork acquired by Dethtrap Motors from the internet will be from royalty free or publc domain sources. There should be suitable space on the Hot Wheel of choice for artwork and the artwork will be resized to fit available spaces and may be altered color wise to be visible against the paint color. If space is not available, some artwork may not be used. A proof or representation of what the car will look like can be requested on the order form in the "Additional Instructions" box.

Email your artwork to:

The Process

Once the car, the artwork, and the payment has been received the work will start. The car will be disassembled, paint will be stripped off, the posts will be drilled and tapped, the body will be prepped and painted(or gilded), artwork will be created and applied as decals, the car will be sealed with at least 1 clear coat, and reassembled with screws. The sealer will then require a few days to harden enough for shipping. Once ready, the car will be shipped to you with it's display case via Priority Mail.

Filling out the form

Please take your time and fill out the form completely. In the "Description" field, please leave a general description of the car and how you want it to look. Then make your choices selecting all that apply. Use the "Special Instructions" field to leave details and second choices like a specific paint color, logo, or car. If you do not have enough room in the form you can use the "Contact Us" form for additional instructions or make changes.                                              

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