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Welcome to Dethtrap Motors

.: Redline Originals and Restorations plus some Really Wild Customs :.

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CustomsMy customs are typically newer Hot Wheels that I have disassembled, repainted or refinished, and reassembled with new artwork. In most cases there is a theme or topic, but not always. Whatever I do, they become one of a kind and very unique. I try to use subject matter that you will probably not find on the cars from Mattel. Some of it may be of a mature nature, so you may find a pin-up girl here and there. Needless to say, some of the artwork may not be suitable for young children. If you were to rate these cars like a movie they would be PG-13. More importantly I try to make them wild, interesting, and collectible. I am always open to new ideas and you are welcome to submit yours in the Contact Us form. 


Keepsake Cars

Keepsake cars are a great way to capture a memorable time in a child's life. The small children that have so much fun with Hot Wheels leave them "well loved" and pretty beat up. I can take a new Hot wheel and repaint it their favorite color, add their picture, name, age, favorite cartoon character, super hero, or video game, etc. The car can then be put away until your child has matured enough to take care of it and they or you will have a one-of-a-kind item that captures a precious time in their lives. Much nicer than just a photo in an album. These cars can be ordered through the "Personalized Cars Order Form"



RestorationsMy restorations are done on both Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning cars that are in poor condition (C4 or lower rating). These cars are not worth anything because of excessive wear, damage, and or missing parts. I then invest some time (and money) to restore them to their former beauty. They are dissembled, repainted, missing parts and decals are replaced, and reassembled. I use original and reproduction parts. Many of the cars are nickel plated to restore the surface before “Spektraflame” type paint is applied. I do not in any way try to pass these cars off as originals. My restorations are reassembled with screws, not rivets. This is done so there is no doubt that it has been restored and so repairs and repainting are easily possible in the future. Restorations are great for serious collectors looking for filler cars until they find that “perfect” original and for beginning collectors looking for more reasonably priced cars. My restorations are typically painted in the more rare colors as they are more sought after by collectors.  



OriginalsMy originals range in condition from C5 (fair) to C8 (very good) with an occasional C9 (near mint). I sell them because they are doubles and I want to use the money to finance this hobby. I buy the occasional redline collection, keep some, and sell the rest, so if you have a collection you want to sell please contact me but keep in mind I am only interested in 1968-1972 redline Hot Wheels and 1969-1971 (Topper) Johnny Lightning cars. I even buy beaters for parts and to restore, so let me know what you have regardless of condition. I believe my originals are fairly and accurately priced. I use many factors in determining what they are worth including current sales of similar cars on eBay, color and model rarity, and condition. If you disagree with my price, contact me, let me know why, and make me an offer, I will consider any reasonable offer.